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Aufruf zur Mahnwache
Wir rufen Sie auf, an der Solidaritätskundgebung mit den anhaltenden friedlichen Massenprotesten (seit Oktober 2019) gegen die allgemeine Misere im Irak teilzunehmen.
Zeitpunkt: 22 Juni 2021 von 13 – 15 Uhr
Ort: Alexanderplatz, an der Weltuhr, mit anschließendem Marsch zum Auswärtigen Amt, um ein Memorandum und Dossier über den friedlichen Aufstand und die Lage im Irak zu übergeben.
Forum für die Unterstützung des Aufstandes und des Wandels im Irak / Deutschland
Invitation to a demonstration that going to take a place on the 22nd of June from 13:00 until 15:00 in Alexanderplatz at the World Clock.
Since October 2019 people in Iraq have been actively demonstrating and striking against corruption and for their basic human civil rights and they were faced with ultimate violence causing 800+ murdered and over 20.000 injured and over 4000 between arrests or illegal kidnappings.
People are still in uprising looking and wanting a solution for an unending massacre against the people.
Today we need to #end_impunity. We stand to hold those who were in charge accountable for the unending corruption since 2003 and especially the massacre against the peaceful demonstrators since October 2019.
We need serious legal action against those who were the reason behind every drop of blood that’s been spelled since 2003.
The demonstration will include a march from the World Clock at Alexanderplatz to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to handle a proper report of most of the illegal actions against the demonstrators and the denominations demands.
We’re looking forward for your support and definitely looking forward to see you with us on the demonstration!
Committee for Coordination and Support of the Uprising in Iraq/Germany

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