#LeaveNoOneBehind Team Greece


As part of the emergency aid, team members from our Greece LNOB team went shopping together with the people from the new Moria camp in order to cover individual, essential needs of the people in the camp and at the same time enable a maximum degree of self-determination and dignity for the residents. Together, ... [Read more]

One Happy Family


One Happy Family is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing a safe space of interaction for asylum seekers, volunteers, and people from different nations. Therefore, the Community Center was built on the Greece Island Lesvos. Due to its geographical proximity to Turkey, Lesvos represents a stopover to most people fleeing from war and crises. ... [Read more]

Support of smaller NGOs with consumables


We have set up a fund on Lesbos in cooperation with a Greek NGO (Lesvos Solidarity) where small NGOs can hand in the original receipts and settle up their expenses for consumables (e.g. food and toiletries) so that they can focus on their work on site and expand the capacities there. ... [Read more]

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