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Rally: For Freedom – For Life!
Mumia Abu-Jamal Turns 67: Free Mumia, Free Them All!

Rally in Berlin for Mumia’s 67th birthday. On April 24, Mumia Abu-Jamal
turns 67. During almost 40 years of imprisonment, he has survived two
execution orders and numerous attempts to murder him by medical neglect.
On this day, we want to come together, for one thing, to prepare
practical steps for Mumia and all the other fighting prisoners, and for
another, to exchange our experiences in the various struggles against
fascism, fascism, police violence, and exploitation on the job and
through rent.

Since his early youth, Mumia has been fighting against racism,
oppression, and state repression: at first in the Black Panther Party
for the self-defense of African American communities against a police
violence that was as deadly then as it is today and in the
self-management of health and education in the poor neighborhoods of the
People of Color, and later as a journalist who reported on the
corruption of the authorities and – time and again – the brutality of
the police.

Mumia has always done his work from the perspective of the oppressed,
which gained him the honorary name of the “voice of the voiceless.”
Throughout his life, he has stuck to this perspective even under the
direst conditions – our struggle is for a liberated society for all.
The State of Pennsylvania, which has been incarcerating him for the last
40 years under brutal conditions and which has been torturing him for
years by medical underprovision, is almost 10,000 kilometers away from
here. But just as people there, we are also organizing right here in
order to bring the exploitation of humans by humans and the destruction
of the foundations of our livelihood to an end.
Even though we are suffering setbacks and state repression in the course
of this struggle, we also get to know new people who are full of life
and ideas, and we are seeing again and again that another world is
possible. This connects us to the struggles all over the world and also
to Mumia.

Join us on Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 3 PM at the Kiez rally in the
Weisestraße between “Lunte” and the living “Syndikat”!

For Freedom – for Life!
Free Mumia – Free Them All!

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