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📣 Enough is Enough! We Have Space! 📣
Europe has reached a critical turning point in the refugee crisis. We watched as fires consumed the Moria camp in Lesvos, leaving over 12,000 asylum seekers without shelter in the midst of a pandemic. The fires are a direct result of the immigration policies throughout Europe and now is the time for us to act!
On the 20th September, cities accross Europe will mobilise in coordinated peacful demonstrations demanding ACTION! The camps MUST be emptied! Join us in York!
We would like to encourage anyone attending to do so with signs to make a larger impact! These can be anything from printed A4 sheets to writing on pieces of cardboard boxes!
If you are struggling with what to write on your signs here are some suggestions:
– Refugees Welcome
– Europe Must Act
– Evacuate Moria
– York Must Act
– Enough is Enough, We Have Space!
For this event we will be playing snips from our ‘raising voices’ videos through speakers. This will include Yaser’s voice, a 16 year old boy from Afghanistan who speaks about the Moria fires.
We will be updating this event with the plans for our event in the following days. If you do plan to attend please do so following the current guidelines.
– do not come if you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms of Covid-19.
– please wear a mask to this demonstration, unless you are exempt.
– maintain social distancing from others at the event.
Join us at our peaceful demonstration outside the council offices in York!

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