LNOB Warehouse Lesbos

The #LeaveNoOneBehind Warehouse is located less than a five-minute walk from the Kara Tepe camp and serves as a logistics center for all sorts of donations in kind. Through campaigns such as “Tour d’Amour” and “#10.000Schuhe”, donations in kind could be collected and sorted in cooperation with other NGOs in Germany in order to deliver them to the camp residents on site in Lesvos. At the same time, the donations in kind could also be redistributed to other regions such as Chios, Samos, Athens and Thessaloniki, or even as far as Bosnia and Calais in northern France. In addition, the building serves as an event center for various happenings such as the exhibition “#RememberMoria”, “The Boat Theater Group” or for discussion rounds with political delegations.

  • 61.187 €

  • Lesbos, Greece

  • 22.12.2021