The current news situation is devastating. Decisions on asylum and migration policies are celebrated that de facto mean death and suffering for refugees. Helpers and people seeking protection are being criminalised. In the public discourse, there is agitation and hatred. As if there were no other option, as if the only solution was to marginalise, to restrict, to seal oneself off. This is the moment when we must not lose hope, when we must unite and stand up together to counter these narratives. For a society in which people stand up for other people and their rights. In which policies are made that enable people to live a good life instead of blaming those who are already suffering the most for their problems. Which provides solutions instead of blame.

A meaningful and good way to support this fight is always to donate money to organisations that do good work, sign petitions, to share info content, and to participate in protests. If you would like to do more and get personally involved, you will find some ideas and opportunities to do so here.

Let us remain radically hopeful!

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