STELP e.V. is a non-profit organization from Stuttgart and supports in crisis areas with a network of volunteers, partners and sponsors through fast and direct access to food, sanitary products, clothing and clean water. With projects on three continents, STELP’s long-term goal is to sustainably improve the lives of people in need by helping them to help themselves.

For LeaveNoOneBehind, STELP e.V. provided rapid emergency aid in Camp Lipa after a fire broke out there. On the ground, they provided people with necessities, including distributing sleeping bags, blankets, cooking pots and food packages. On site, they provided people with necessities including sleeping bags, blankets, cooking pots and food packages.

At the same time, STELP has increased capacity for teaching on the ground in Lesvos in cooperation with the School of Peace and delivered more than 500 tons of relief supplies to Ukraine and the embattled areas. Donations and funding is used to finance further aid transports and to purchase urgently needed relief supplies. Besides, STELP is working specifically on the immediate evacuation of people from Ukraine, which is directly funded by the grant.

  • 162.069 € (150.000 € & 12.069 €)

  • Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Ukraine & Greece

  • Sound of Peace