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#LeaveNoOneBehind offers a platform for local and solidarity projects – fast support guaranteed. Thanks to your donations, we have been able to support over 100 partner organizations in their important work since 2020. The projects are often actively run by refugees themselves or the organizations actively support those seeking protection in solidarity.

On this page you can find all the initiatives and organizations that have been supported so far.

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BASE UA was founded by activists and journalists in the wake of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and focuses primarily on evacuation from the most heavily embattled areas of the country. BASE UA is one of the last organizations to bring people threatened by the Russian invasion to safety from Bachmut, Lysychansk or Severodonetsk. But BASE's work does not stop at evacuation: People should receive sustainable support. Among other things, two camps were organized with children and young people who had to flee the war. There they received art and trauma work.

Aegean Boat Report

Illegal pushbacks are a daily occurrence at European borders. In order to take action against them, they need to be well documented and collated. The Aegean Boat Report reports 24/7 about incidents at the borders and thus enables quick help and monitoring of "border officials''. One practice the Aegean Boat Report has been able to highlight many times: Refugees who had already reached the bottom of Lesbos are picked up by masked men, often abused, kidnapped and abandoned in the open sea on maneuverless "life rafts." There they drift until the Turkish coast guard picks them up and brings them back to Turkey. Documenting them and gathering the information is critical. Because good information not only ensures that helpers can be on the scene faster in emergencies, good information is also the best weapon against cover-up attempts by governments and their coast guards. The Aegean Boat Report has thus become an essential building block in the work of NGOs in the Aegean. Through its work, emergencies are noticed more quickly and people are rescued.


Blindspots helps wherever people are forgotten by the media, politics and the public. They bring the "invisible spots" of Europe into the focus of social discourse and strengthen existing aid structures. On the Bosnian-Croatian border, in the Velika Kladuša region, refugees are stuck in patched-up improvised shelters, where they are exposed and unprotected from the wind and weather. This means life-threatening cold in winter, with temperatures as low as -20 degrees. In addition, they are often robbed, beaten up and illegally pushed back by border officials. Blindspots therefore organizes stoves and firewood for the people. They build doors, windows and solar panels on the provisional huts and provide access to drinking water and hygiene facilities. They also document the inhumane and illegal violence at the borders to raise public awareness. Their work is more important now than ever in winter and can save many people from dying of cold.

Wir Packen’s an

Wherever refugees suffer under the European border regime and have to sleep on park benches, under tarpaulins or in the woods, you can find the pink boxes full of relief supplies from "Wir Packen's an". Many people have almost forgotten the pictures from the Polish-Belarusian border last year. Refugees stuck in the forest between two border strips and in the face of thousands of officers of the Polish border police. At the time, “Wir Packen's an” was one of the few organizations that managed to deliver relief supplies to the people on the ground. People are still stuck at the border, and “Wir Packen's an” is still delivering relief goods: Hand warmers, sleeping bags, thermal pants and much more. Not only on the Belarusian border, but also, for example, on the Ukrainian border with Moldova. In a feat of strength, reception stations including six sanitary containers with showers and toilets were provided in this forgotten region within a very short time.

Liebe im Karton

"Liebe im Karton" e.V. or Lovebox is a volunteer Christmas package delivery campaign that has been distributing gifts to vulnerable children in Germany, Europe and the so-called Middle East since 2016. In addition, they organize year-round deliveries of relief supplies to crisis regions, including Ukraine, to support local people and rebuild destroyed structures. Together with their active network partner "Netzwerk Ziviler Krisenstab", they have been managing the coordination and logistics of more than 6,500 pallets of urgently needed relief supplies to Ukraine since February 2022.

Human Rights Legal Project

The Human Rights Legal Project (HRLP) is a legal aid organisation that combats human rights violations against refugees in Greece through legal representation, advocacy and public relations work and takes action against the criminalisation of refugees at the EU's external border.

Legal Centre Lesvos

In 2021, the practice of so-called "pushbacks", in which protection seekers are picked up either at sea or on land and forcibly repatriated, which is contrary to international law, reached a completely new quality. Refugees who had already reached the soil of Lesbos are picked up by masked men, often abused, kidnapped and abandoned on maneuverless "life rafts" on the open sea. Refugees, who are subjected to this violence rarely have access to lawyers or options to receive information about their rights. The Legal Center Lesvos fights against this and receives people directly after their arrival to provide them with legal support. This year alone, over 500 people were registered and brought into the regular asylum process. This protects refugees from further legal violations. In addition, the organization was one of the few to manage to bring two cases of human rights violations to the European Court of Justice.

ReFOCUS Media Labs

ReFOCUS Media Labs has as its goal to create a global network of media labs to enable global reporting. Lack of hope and perspective is an ordeal for people stuck in camps and on the move. At the same time, they are increasingly sealed off: journalists and photographers, for example, are no longer allowed to take pictures from the newly established camp on Lesvos, and the Polish-Belarusian border has been completely sealed off. Through media training, ReFOCUS Media Lab offers people on the move the opportunity to produce their own images - and thus not only circumvent the censorship imposed by the access restrictions for journalists, but also to communicate in a self-determined manner. In response to Russia's large-scale war of aggression on Ukraine, the activists have set up another lab in Kraków and give media training to Ukrainian refugees.

Wave of Hope for the Future

Wave of Hope for the Future is a network of self-organized schools - by refugees for refugees. The initiative was started by refugees in Moria camp on Lesvos and quickly expanded to other camps in Greece. In early 2019, Zekria Farzad began offering classes for children in the "olive grove" around Camp Moria. His only tool: a whiteboard on a bench. The initiative was quickly joined by other refugees. The initiative was quickly joined by other people on the move. Together, they began to build a network of schools that today offer classes in Art, English, Greek, Physical Education and other subjects to more than 4,000 students, and are even helping to rebuild a school in Afghanistan. The Wave of Hope School is an impressive example of refugees organizing themselves in the various camps and contributing to the enrichment of a diverse society.

Just Action – Samos

On the Greek island of Samos, refugees are completely isolated from the villages and towns of the island: high security fences, surveillance cameras and security forces turn the place into a prison. Since April 2020, Just Action activists' free food supermarket on the Greek island of Samos has been supporting the local, as well as the refugee community with food packages and hygiene items. In addition to the food parcels and hygiene items, Just Action Samos volunteers cover the cost of the bus tickets that the refugees need to get from the camp to the food distribution. The goal is to ensure food security for all those in need on the island, while building more resilient structures to ensure future access to food for all people on Samos.

Infomobile Greece

Infomobile is an anti-racist direct democratic organization with people from different backgrounds that has been active in Greece for more than a decade. They meet people walking in the streets, squares and outside the camps, both on the Aegean islands and on the mainland. They share and exchange information in non-hierarchical meetings and create resources that are freely shared. Also they support individuals with legal advice and, in emergencies, legal aid to fight against discriminatory and dysfunctional procedures and repressive laws that put people behind bars, hinder access to international protection and shelter, expose children to dangers that keep families and regular residents apart with no prospects for the future. The focus of their work is to support the struggle of those who come to Greece for their right to stay and legal ways out of Greece, such as family reunifications.

Exhibition Remember Moria

Our LNOB warehouse on Lesvos was transformed into an event center for the #RememberMoria exhibition. The exhibition was meant to commemorate the night when Camp Moria burned down completely and more than 14,000 people lost their last belongings and were forced onto the streets where they had to hold out for more than 14 days without sanitation or medical care. We wanted to remember a place that was called "the shame of Europe".


Nearly 25,000. That's the grim number of people who have officially drowned in the Mediterranean since 2014. Not through "boat mishaps" or "accidents," but through political calculations that have made the Mediterranean the deadliest escape route in the world. With the end of state-run sea rescue, a void has been left in the Mediterranean that NGOs have been trying to fill for years. Sea-Eye is one of the sea rescue organizations active on the deadliest escape routes. Sea-Eye searches for people in distress at sea and who are struggling against drowning. Sea-Eye's actions are a response to the failed migration policies of the European Union, which refuses to accept its responsibility for the thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean.

Iran Journal

Reporting on the Iranian revolution and the regime's deadly violence has never been more difficult - or more important. Every day, it becomes more difficult to get reliable information. Iran Journal has been reporting on events in Iran since 2010, especially on human rights, gender issues, political and personal freedoms and plays an important role in the classification of events today. The aim is to give the readership and decision-makers in the German-speaking world a transparent view and insight into civil society developments in Iran, so that they can gain a holistic view for their opinion-forming process and integrate these impressions into their work. Iran Journal is thus the only independent medium in the German-speaking world with regular coverage of events in the Islamic Republic.


As a transnational network that exists in times of increasing polarization and the increasing divergence of the media, N-Ost is breaking new ground in foreign journalism. As journalists in Ukraine are in great danger, N-Ost provides equipment necessary for survival, tries to provide psychological care and to support them in the field as well as in exile in their increasingly challenging work.

Rapid Aid Liaison Group

Launched in direct response to the Russian war of aggression, the Rapid Aid Liaison Group provides solutions to medical problems. For example, it provides coordination and logistics, places volunteer medical professionals, and creates digital consultation services. The donation enabled Ukrainian surgeons to stay and train in Heidelberg in order to learn new microsurgical procedures.

Nachbarschaft e. V.

"Freiwillig Helfen" (FH) is a Berlin based network for refugees with a focus on integration assistance. Founded by volunteers from a Berlin emergency shelter, it provides non-partisan and non-denominational aid wherever help is urgently needed. In response to the war in Ukraine, FH has reactivated the "Volunteer Planner", which was already used in 2015 to successfully coordinate and organize tens of thousands of helpers across Europe. It is a non-commercial open source tool by volunteers for volunteers to easily and efficiently organize thousands of helpers.

Little Lotus

The Little Lotus Learning Center is an unusual educational institution. They work with refugee children in the town of Mytilene and follow the approach of learning through play, interaction and creativity. Daily activities are provided to give the children not only structure, but also something to look forward to each day. Little Lotus Learning Center is a safe place for children and a place of kindness, support, encouragement and joy. Since the opening of our Community Center, Little Lotus has been running the kindergarten in it.

Action for Women

The Pomegranate Project is a women-led initiative designed and implemented by, for and with women. They provide a holistic protection and empowerment model for women who have fled to Europe, prioritizing women at risk of and survivors of gender-based violence. Further they offer a women-only safe space, secure housing, mental health and psychosocial support, case management, and income-generating opportunities to develop and strengthen the skills, resources, and resilience of women who have fled to Europe. Their mostly Greek team helps build networks of support and solidarity between displaced women and the Greek community. This holistic model helps women regain their power - both individually and collectively.


HÁ operates in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq is receiving less and less public attention, while conditions continue to worsen. HÁ has been active in Iraq for years and puts a great emphasis on educational projects for women and girls. The donations support the BACK TO LIFE & BACK TO SCHOOL projects, covering the salaries of up to 30 teachers and improving the learning conditions and quality of teaching for approximately 2,195 students. 12 classrooms are to be built, as well as a laboratory and a library. In Afghanistan, since the takeover of the Taliban, the operation of houses in which women seeking protection can stay overnight, has been prohibited.


Wefugees answers questions from refugees with an online community and is now organizing on short notice online support for refugees from Ukraine.


Education, exercise and a sense of belonging are essential for the healthy development of young people. Unfortunately, especially girls with a history of flight and immigration and from disadvantaged families often find it difficult to access support programs, not least because of cultural and financial hurdles. This is where the human rights activists of HÁ step in with their SCORING GIRLS* program. SCORING GIRLS* is an empowerment project for girls between the ages of 9 and 18, which the former Bundesliga player, Tuğba Tekkal, launched in Cologne in 2016. Over 900 girls from 15 different countries are thus supported through sports training, ethics workshops and cultural excursions.

SOS Balkanroute

For years, the situation of people fleeing across the so-called Balkan route has been getting worse and worse. Closed borders, illegal and violent pushbacks, as well as completely inadequate conditions in the Bosnian camps deprive the protection seekers of their rights and often put them in life-threatening situations. SOS Balkanroute is committed to helping people who have almost completely disappeared from the news and has been organizing collection drives and donation transports along the Balkan route since 2019. They also provide medical care and have built up a network of helpers along the Balkan route.

We for Kids

We For Kids is committed to the development of children living in Samos HotSpot Camp between the ages of three and nine. They provide them with home-cooked, hot and healthy meals to strengthen their health. We for Kids was co-founded by Barbara, herself a refugee who arrived in Samos four years ago, and Evangelos, a local businessman. Together they now work with refugee children and adults as well as the local population on Samos.

Support of smaller NGOs with consumables

We have set up a fund on Lesvos in cooperation with a Greek NGO (Lesvos Solidarity), where small NGOs can use the original receipts to claim money for consumables (for example food and hygiene products), so that they can focus on the work on the ground and expand their capacities there.

Be an Angel

Children in the Russian-occupied regions are often at risk of forced adoption. The association Be an Angel focuses its work in Ukraine on evacuations of more than 16,000 threatened families from the Donbass region and especially on the problem of children at risk.

Community Center Lesvos

Our Community Center on Lesvos has become a versatile center and popular place in the immediate vicinity of the camp. In order to give the residents in the camp the possibility to do their laundry, six washing machines and twelve dryers were purchased. Thus, among other things, the anti-scratch mite program is supported on site. In addition, there are many other services such as a women's space, a kindergarten, and a distribution center where donations in kind in the form of clothing and hygiene items are distributed to the camp residents. There is also a gamer space and lounge area.

Northern Lights Aid

Northern Lights Aid (NLA) is a small NGO that supports the residents of the Perigiali refugee camp in Kavala, Greece. By distributing food, clothing, hygiene items, and other materials, NLA seeks to provide the basic necessities of life for the people affected. Located within walking distance of the camp, Northern Lights Aid provides a safe environment to learn, create and socialize through English classes, a skill-sharing workshop, a community garden and a free clothing store. NLA works closely with locals and camp residents to promote social inclusion and solidarity within the community. The recently expanded emergency assistance program supports particularly vulnerable families with food, medicine and transportation to ensure the asylum process runs smoothly.

Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario

The Aita Mari is a rescue ship operated by the Basque NGO Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario (SMH). The Aita Mari has recently completed modifications to adapt to Italian requirements and is now operational again to rescue people fleeing war and violence in their countries of origin. The ship has space for 120 people on deck and is equipped with a small clinic, as well as a rescue and medical crew.


PxP focuses on the particular challenges of African students who have fled Ukraine and are confronted with massive unequal treatment both on the run and in the destination country. The aim of the funding is to build a strong network between students, universities, business and politics. Donations finance legal advice as well as support and accommodation, meetings and events and the networking of the trades. Universities are ready to accept international students, the economy has a high shortage of skilled workers in the digital and public sector and the federal government urgently needs to create the legal basis to actively counteract demographic change.


Tolou is a non-profit association with the goal of promoting access to education and housing, as well as personal development. In the new camp on Lesvos, they have built a team of eleven Afghan volunteer teachers who design and lead classes there depending on their own abilities. On Lesvos alone, more than 200 students benefit from this service every day. However, several hundred refugees also live in Mytilene, which is why Tolou is also opening a classroom in this town, where around 100 students have the opportunity to learn English, French, Greek and painting. In order to offer psychological stability to its participants, Tolou has also rented two apartments in Athens to accommodate people and offer them a safe space while they complete administrative procedures and have the opportunity to attend to professional or family matters.

We become active where states fail to act. But only with your support!

With our work we put pressure on German politics to take responsibility and finally change something! Your donations will be used for the #LeaveNoOneBehind campaign: For our own projects, as well as for funded projects and organizations that provide urgently needed support at the EU’s external borders and refugee routes.

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