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Supported projects

#LeaveNoOneBehind offers a platform for local and solidarity projects – fast support guaranteed. Thanks to your donations, we have been able to support over 100 partner organizations in their important work since 2020. The projects are often actively run by refugees themselves or the organizations actively support those seeking protection in solidarity.

On this page you can find all the initiatives and organizations that have been supported so far.

All projects


BASE UA was founded by activists and journalists in the wake of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and focuses primarily on evacuation from the most heavily embattled areas of the country. BASE UA is one of the last organizations to bring people threatened by the Russian invasion to safety from Bachmut, Lysychansk or Severodonetsk.But BASE's work does not stop at evacuation: People should receive sustainable support. Among other things, two camps were organized with children and young people who had to flee the war. There they received art and trauma work.

Aegean Boat Report

Illegal pushbacks are a daily occurrence at European borders. In order to take action against them, they need to be well documented and collated. The Aegean Boat Report reports 24/7 about incidents at the borders and thus enables quick help and monitoring of "border officials''. One practice the Aegean Boat Report has been able to highlight many times: Refugees who had already reached the bottom of Lesbos are picked up by masked men, often abused, kidnapped and abandoned in the open sea on maneuverless "life rafts." There they drift until the Turkish coast guard picks them up and brings them back to Turkey. Documenting them and gathering the information is critical. Because good information not only ensures that helpers can be on the scene faster in emergencies, good information is also the best weapon against cover-up attempts by governments and their coast guards. The Aegean Boat Report has thus become an essential building block in the work of NGOs in the Aegean. Through its work, emergencies are noticed more quickly and people are rescued.


Blindspots helps wherever people are forgotten by the media, politics and the public. They bring the "invisible spots" of Europe into the focus of social discourse and strengthen existing aid structures. On the Bosnian-Croatian border, in the Velika Kladuša region, refugees are stuck in patched-up improvised shelters, where they are exposed and unprotected from the wind and weather. This means life-threatening cold in winter, with temperatures as low as -20 degrees. In addition, they are often robbed, beaten up and illegally pushed back by border officials. Blindspots therefore organizes stoves and firewood for the people. They build doors, windows and solar panels on the provisional huts and provide access to drinking water and hygiene facilities. They also document the inhumane and illegal violence at the borders to raise public awareness. Their work is more important now than ever in winter and can save many people from dying of cold.

Wir Packen’s an

Wherever refugees suffer under the European border regime and have to sleep on park benches, under tarpaulins or in the woods, you can find the pink boxes full of relief supplies from "Wir Packen's an".Many people have almost forgotten the pictures from the Polish-Belarusian border last year. Refugees stuck in the forest between two border strips and in the face of thousands of officers of the Polish border police. At the time, “Wir Packen's an” was one of the few organizations that managed to deliver relief supplies to the people on the ground. People are still stuck at the border, and “Wir Packen's an” is still delivering relief goods: Hand warmers, sleeping bags, thermal pants and much more.Not only on the Belarusian border, but also, for example, on the Ukrainian border with Moldova. In a feat of strength, reception stations including six sanitary containers with showers and toilets were provided in this forgotten region within a very short time.

Liebe im Karton

"Liebe im Karton" e.V. or Lovebox is a volunteer Christmas package delivery campaign that has been distributing gifts to vulnerable children in Germany, Europe and the so-called Middle East since 2016. In addition, they organize year-round deliveries of relief supplies to crisis regions, including Ukraine, to support local people and rebuild destroyed structures. Together with their active network partner "Netzwerk Ziviler Krisenstab", they have been managing the coordination and logistics of more than 6,500 pallets of urgently needed relief supplies to Ukraine since February 2022.

Wave of Hope for the Future

Wave of Hope for the Future is a network of self-organized schools - by refugees for refugees. The initiative was started by refugees in Moria camp on Lesvos and quickly expanded to other camps in Greece. In early 2019, Zekria Farzad began offering classes for children in the "olive grove" around Camp Moria. His only tool: a whiteboard on a bench. The initiative was quickly joined by other refugees. The initiative was quickly joined by other people on the move. Together, they began to build a network of schools that today offer classes in Art, English, Greek, Physical Education and other subjects to more than 4,000 students, and are even helping to rebuild a school in Afghanistan. The Wave of Hope School is an impressive example of refugees organizing themselves in the various camps and contributing to the enrichment of a diverse society.


Education, exercise and a sense of belonging are essential for the healthy development of young people. Unfortunately, especially girls with a history of flight and immigration and from disadvantaged families often find it difficult to access support programs, not least because of cultural and financial hurdles. This is where the human rights activists of HÁ step in with their SCORING GIRLS* program.SCORING GIRLS* is an empowerment project for girls between the ages of 9 and 18, which the former Bundesliga player, Tuğba Tekkal, launched in Cologne in 2016. Over 900 girls from 15 different countries are thus supported through sports training, ethics workshops and cultural excursions.


Several cities in Ukraine are under continuous bombardment by Russian artillery and air strikes. Acute disaster relief and firefighting are one of the main needs in the embattled regions. at-Fire specializes in international disaster relief and with the help of donations is able to buy expensive special equipment to improve Ukrainian disaster relief and at the same time train Ukrainian rescue workers.


Nearly 25,000. That's the grim number of people who have officially drowned in the Mediterranean since 2014. Not through "boat mishaps" or "accidents," but through political calculations that have made the Mediterranean the deadliest escape route in the world. With the end of state-run sea rescue, a void has been left in the Mediterranean that NGOs have been trying to fill for years. Sea-Eye is one of the sea rescue organizations active on the deadliest escape routes. Sea-Eye searches for people in distress at sea and who are struggling against drowning. Sea-Eye's actions are a response to the failed migration policies of the European Union, which refuses to accept its responsibility for the thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean.

WIR – Water Is Right

The supply of clean water is the very basis of life. But in more and more countries, global crises and the climate crisis are making a water supply increasingly difficult to obtain. The Water is Right Foundation supports the realization of the right to clean and abundant water and adequate sanitation and hygiene - in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Donations ensure reliable access to clean and adequate water for more than 250,000 people in Haiti and on the African continent.

SOS Bihać

Through first aid, food and clothing distributions, SOS Bihać supports people on the move who do not have access to food, clothing, sanitation and emergency medical assistance. In addition to refugees, SOS Bihać also supported the poverty-stricken population of the Una Sana region, for example by distributing free sanitizers and protective masks. The peaceful and respectful coexistence of all people is as important to SOS Bihać as the acute help in emergency situations. The situation of the refugees is constantly deteriorating. Several thousands of people are dependent on medical aid, clothing, sleeping bags, water and food provided by NGOs. Winter and cold make life unbearable in the forests around Bihać. Closed or overcrowded camps and push-backs at the Croatian borders further complicate the situation.

Rapid Aid Liaison Group

Launched in direct response to the Russian war of aggression, the Rapid Aid Liaison Group provides solutions to medical problems. For example, it provides coordination and logistics, places volunteer medical professionals, and creates digital consultation services. The donation enabled Ukrainian surgeons to stay and train in Heidelberg in order to learn new microsurgical procedures.

Civilian Crisis Unit Network

The Civilian Crisis Unit Network is an association of more than 30 NGOs from all over Germany. The people behind these NGOs are currently transporting over 150 pallets full of furnishings to set up a children's rehab in Ukraine to support children who have been through the worst. This is just one of many examples of the work being done by the Civilian Crisis Unit Network. The initiative brings together food, medical supplies, blankets and many other urgently needed relief items in warehouses and ships them to Ukraine in close cooperation with Ukrainian organizations.

Yoga and Sport For Refugees

Yoga and Sports For Refugees aims to empower refugees through sports, integrating them into the community and improving their physical and mental health. The sports offered, which range from swimming courses to martial arts and yoga, are largely carried out and instructed by the refugees themselves. When people live in a camp, sometimes for years, this can have a catastrophic effect on their mental and physical health. Sports activities, ranging from swimming courses to martial arts and yoga, can play a decisive role in counteracting it. The sports activities of Yoga and Sports for Refugees additionally break down ethnic and religious barriers and create a meeting point and cooperation between cultures.


CADUS is a non-profit and independent aid organization that initiates innovative and sustainable projects with a focus on medical care. Their primary goal is to help people to help themselves in line with their needs.The funding was used, for example, to implement a mobile modular medical care system for the Greek islands. The medical care situation on the Greek islands has only existed at all for people on the move because small NGOs have been working tirelessly to help against all the repression on the ground. The capacities and possible medical services have always been limited, and the situation has worsened massively due to the pandemic. CADUS built on the experience of the first mobile hospital for northeast Syria to create an even more mobile concept of a modular hospital on Lesvos, which can respond quickly and flexibly to the medical emergency on the ground. Thus, testing and treatment capacities were expanded and isolation tents for infected persons were provided.CADUS is also establishing a MEDEVAC system for the hostilities in Ukraine.

Azadi Project

The Azadi Project, is a program that offers self-help based on therapy, coaching techniques and strategies through weekly group sessions with skilled staff.In this setting, women are free to share stories, fears, anxieties, or conflicts with other participants or simply listen to the other participants.These sessions aim not only to alleviate the emotional and psychosocial stress that many refugee women suffer from, but also to actively build and promote self-esteem among the women.

Viva Con Aqua

Viva con Agua supports clean drinking water worldwide! They support water, sanitation and hygiene projects with local and international partner organizations and a network of people.In cooperation with UNICEF, Viva con Agua provides clean drinking water and hygiene kits to families in Ukraine and in support centers near the border.

ROSA Rolling Safespace

An estimated 1 in 5 women experience sexual violence while fleeing, although the number of unreported cases is believed to be much higher. The people behind Rolling Safespace want to change that and have converted a truck into a Safespace, which they use to travel from camp to camp in Greece to give women a safe place to go. In and around the truck, there is medical counseling, workshop offerings (from self-defense to knitting), discussion groups on body-related topics, and childcare. The women are safe and can escape the camp for a short time. The team works according to an intersectional and postcolonial approach and closely with the women on site. The refugee women find a supervised conversation room, basic medical care, and various sports and exercise activities. Donations ensure the daily maintenance of the Safe Space and funding for the crew.

Ukraine Aid Berlin

A group of Ukrainians and supporters of Ukraine in Berlin thought about how they could support Ukraine in 2014, years before the escalation to a large-scale war of aggression, and has been active in solidarity ever since. Ukraine Aid Berlin provides medical and humanitarian aid to people in need, war victims and their families. Through good local contacts with medical and nursing institutions, they can check donations in kind and forward them to trusted clinics and field hospitals.

Attika Human Support

Attika operates one of the largest warehouses for in-kind donations on the island of Lesvos, playing an important role in the distribution of aid to Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Kos and mainland Greece. Many refugees usually have few personal belongings when they arrive on the island and are in need of warm, dry clothing and shoes. The Attica team sorts, delivers or arranges pickup for the supporting NGOs, which distribute the in-kind donations as part of their own aid programs. In conjunction with this mass distribution, Attika also packs specifically requested items daily and delivers them directly to camp residents.


PxP focuses on the particular challenges of African students who have fled Ukraine and are confronted with massive unequal treatment both on the run and in the destination country. The aim of the funding is to build a strong network between students, universities, business and politics. Donations finance legal advice as well as support and accommodation, meetings and events and the networking of the trades. Universities are ready to accept international students, the economy has a high shortage of skilled workers in the digital and public sector and the federal government urgently needs to create the legal basis to actively counteract demographic change.

Kitrinos Healthcare

Kitrinos Healthcare is a medical NGO that has provided care for people fleeing the burned-down Moria camp on Lesvos. Kitrinos has been working in Greece since 2015, and has had a clinic in Moria since 2018, where especially patients with chronic diseases are cared for. In addition, Kitrinos is responsible for providing medical care to a large group of mothers and children at UNICEF Tapuat School, which has been converted into an emergency shelter since the fire. The organization lost much of its equipment and supplies in the Moria fire, though the medical needs of many refugees have grown. Kintrinos also purchased the washers and dryers, which are now being operated at the LNOB Community Center and are part of the anti-itch mite program for the camp in Lesvos.

Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario

The Aita Mari is a rescue ship operated by the Basque NGO Salvamento Maritimo Humanitario (SMH). The Aita Mari has recently completed modifications to adapt to Italian requirements and is now operational again to rescue people fleeing war and violence in their countries of origin. The ship has space for 120 people on deck and is equipped with a small clinic, as well as a rescue and medical crew.

Mushkila Kabira

Mushkila Kabira is the English transliteration of an Arabic phrase meaning ‘big problem’. This is the phrase its founders heard when they began volunteering in Greece, and it's the perfect way to introduce what sparked the creation of the Mobile Info Team itself. Mobile Info Team is a volunteer organization that provides information to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Greece and other European countries about the asylum procedure and other relevant issues. The team also supports individual cases, mainly in family reunifications, but also, for example, in the preparation for the asylum hearing or applications for integration measures. In addition, Mobile Info Team collects testimonials from asylum seekers to support their rights through public relations.

Makerspace Lesvos

Camps for refugees are one of some of the worst places in the world. Some people live there for years under precarious conditions without any prospects. The goal of Makerspace Lesvos is to make life a little easier for the people by providing simple support. The people behind this small organization, many of them themselves refugees living in the camp, help repair and exchange phones, bicycles and clothes. They also teach each other how to make repairs in workshops. This solves problems - and provides small joys. The space allows people to share their technical skills, continue to develop them, and learn new ones. Being a valuable part of a team often restores the refugees' confidence. They reclaim some of the respect and dignity that is often lost through the systematic disempowerment and repression of humanity in the camps.

FENIX Humanitarian Legal Aid

The violence against refugees at Europe's external borders escalates further and further. Human rights violations have become a daily occurrence, and refugees almost never have access to lawyers or information about their rights. Fenix challenges this through their work: Refugees receive free legal advice and representation as well as protection and support for mental health issues. Fenix works with a holistic approach: All those seeking advice receive holistic legal assistance, addressing their individual legal protection as well as mental health needs. Their special needs are taken into account and they are offered tools to cope with the very complicated procedures. The goal is to empower refugees and overcome barricades between them and their access to the legal system. In addition, Fenix brings cases to the Greek and European Courts to demand for compliance with human rights.

School of Peace

The international School of Peace for children and adults on Lesvos offers the people in the camp the opportunity to take English courses and other school subjects. In addition, the School of Peace offers its younger students a special curriculum for adolescents, where they have the opportunity to learn everyday skills and abilities. The goal is to develop the students' self-confidence, academic performance and social skills. They are taught by teachers who are also refugees living in the camp. The school also promotes their experience, creativity and demonstrates self-confidence within the community. This serves as the main goal of the School of Peace: to strengthen people's self-confidence and assertiveness, to inspire them and to help them shape their lives in a positive way. Since the beginning in 2017, over 5000 students have attended courses of the School of Peace.

Equal Rights Beyond Borders

Human rights violations against refugees at the Greek borders are becoming more severe every year. Equal Rights Beyond Borders is a Greek-German human rights organization that stands by the side of those seeking protection and supports them legally in their fight against undignified living conditions in the refugee camps, or against unlawful detention and illegal deportations. Among other things, ERBB finances the salary of a lawyer in Athens through our donations.


Solibus is a nonprofit, socio-political project that uses two intercity buses to quickly reach places where solidarity support is urgently needed. For example, on November 9, 2021, the Solibus drove packed with relief supplies to the Polish/Belarusian border, where people in the forests were exposed to massive violence and threatened with death from frostbite. Also, on the day the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine began, the Solibus went directly to the Polish/Ukrainian border to transport particularly discriminated groups away from the border to safety.

Northern Lights Aid

Northern Lights Aid (NLA) is a small NGO that supports the residents of the Perigiali refugee camp in Kavala, Greece. By distributing food, clothing, hygiene items, and other materials, NLA seeks to provide the basic necessities of life for the people affected. Located within walking distance of the camp, Northern Lights Aid provides a safe environment to learn, create and socialize through English classes, a skill-sharing workshop, a community garden and a free clothing store. NLA works closely with locals and camp residents to promote social inclusion and solidarity within the community. The recently expanded emergency assistance program supports particularly vulnerable families with food, medicine and transportation to ensure the asylum process runs smoothly.

We become active where states fail to act. But only with your support!

With our work we put pressure on German politics to take responsibility and finally change something! Your donations will be used for the #LeaveNoOneBehind campaign: For our own projects, as well as for funded projects and organizations that provide urgently needed support at the EU’s external borders and refugee routes.

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