Vitsche is an association of young Ukrainians in Germany. Vitsche organizes protests, cultural and educational events, helps refugees and organizes humanitarian aid for Ukraine. By providing funding, it was possible, for example, to realize a joint peace march with the Syrian community.


STELP e.V. is a non-profit organization from Stuttgart and supports in crisis areas with a network of volunteers, partners and sponsors through fast and direct access to food, sanitary products, clothing and clean water. With projects on three continents, STELP's long-term goal is to sustainably improve the lives of people in need by helping them to help themselves. For LeaveNoOneBehind, STELP e.V. provided rapid emergency aid in Camp Lipa after a fire broke out there. On site, they provided people with necessities including sleeping bags, blankets, cooking pots and food packages. At the same time, STELP has increased capacity for teaching on the ground in Lesvos in cooperation with the School of Peace and delivered more than 500 tons of relief supplies to Ukraine and the embattled areas. Donations and funding is used to finance further aid transports and to purchase urgently needed relief supplies. Besides, STELP is working specifically on the immediate evacuation of people from Ukraine, which is directly funded by the grant.

UNDE Association

Romania is one of the poorest countries in Europe and hosts a large number of Ukrainian refugees. With the donations, the UNDE Association is implementing projects in Romania to build intercultural activities for Ukrainian refugees. Romanian and English language courses, vocational training for women, educational and recreational activities for children, as well as excursions and intercultural activities between Ukrainian and Romanian children are organized.

Northern Lights Aid

Northern Lights Aid (NLA) is a small NGO that supports the residents of the Perigiali refugee camp in Kavala, Greece. By distributing food, clothing, hygiene items, and other materials, NLA seeks to provide the basic necessities of life for the people affected. Located within walking distance of the camp, Northern Lights Aid provides a safe environment to learn, create and socialize through English classes, a skill-sharing workshop, a community garden and a free clothing store. NLA works closely with locals and camp residents to promote social inclusion and solidarity within the community. The recently expanded emergency assistance program supports particularly vulnerable families with food, medicine and transportation to ensure the asylum process runs smoothly.

Community Volunteers

We have been working with the people from the camp for over a year and include them in our daily work at the LNOB Warehouse and Community Center. In this way, we give the refugees a space to develop and to escape the daily life of the camp for a while. Additionally, we offer educational programs, such as English classes three times a week.


Tolou is a non-profit association with the goal of promoting access to education and housing, as well as personal development. In the new camp on Lesvos, they have built a team of eleven Afghan volunteer teachers who design and lead classes there depending on their own abilities. On Lesvos alone, more than 200 students benefit from this service every day. However, several hundred refugees also live in Mytilene, which is why Tolou is also opening a classroom in this town, where around 100 students have the opportunity to learn English, French, Greek and painting. In order to offer psychological stability to its participants, Tolou has also rented two apartments in Athens to accommodate people and offer them a safe space while they complete administrative procedures and have the opportunity to attend to professional or family matters.

Wave of Hope for the Future

Wave of Hope for the Future is a network of self-organized schools - by refugees for refugees. The initiative was started by refugees in Moria camp on Lesvos and quickly expanded to other camps in Greece. In early 2019, Zekria Farzad began offering classes for children in the "olive grove" around Camp Moria. His only tool: a whiteboard on a bench. The initiative was quickly joined by other refugees. The initiative was quickly joined by other people on the move. Together, they began to build a network of schools that today offer classes in Art, English, Greek, Physical Education and other subjects to more than 4,000 students, and are even helping to rebuild a school in Afghanistan. The Wave of Hope School is an impressive example of refugees organizing themselves in the various camps and contributing to the enrichment of a diverse society.

School of Peace

The international School of Peace for children and adults on Lesvos offers the people in the camp the opportunity to take English courses and other school subjects. In addition, the School of Peace offers its younger students a special curriculum for adolescents, where they have the opportunity to learn everyday skills and abilities. The goal is to develop the students' self-confidence, academic performance and social skills. They are taught by teachers who are also refugees living in the camp. The school also promotes their experience, creativity and demonstrates self-confidence within the community. This serves as the main goal of the School of Peace: to strengthen people's self-confidence and assertiveness, to inspire them and to help them shape their lives in a positive way. Since the beginning in 2017, over 5000 students have attended courses of the School of Peace.

Little Lotus

The Little Lotus Learning Center is an unusual educational institution. They work with refugee children in the town of Mytilene and follow the approach of learning through play, interaction and creativity. Daily activities are provided to give the children not only structure, but also something to look forward to each day. Little Lotus Learning Center is a safe place for children and a place of kindness, support, encouragement and joy. Since the opening of our Community Center, Little Lotus has been running the kindergarten in it.


PxP focuses on the particular challenges of African students who have fled Ukraine and are confronted with massive unequal treatment both on the run and in the destination country. The aim of the funding is to build a strong network between students, universities, business and politics. Donations finance legal advice as well as support and accommodation, meetings and events and the networking of the trades. Universities are ready to accept international students, the economy has a high shortage of skilled workers in the digital and public sector and the federal government urgently needs to create the legal basis to actively counteract demographic change.

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