A Crisis Becomes a Permanent Condition – What Happens in Europe’s Last Primeval Forest in the Polish-Belarusian Border Area?

Since last year, another wall has been stretching across Europe: Poland has erected a 186-kilometer-long border wall with Belarus. Here, people seeking protection are pushed back, their mobile phones destroyed and they are left unprotected and disoriented in the forest. We'll talk to a photojournalist, an activist and researcher, and a paramedic on the ground to answer your questions! - Register now for our online event on October 8, 2023 at 5pm.

October 2, 2023|

Kalamata: Request for recovery of the ship and recovery of the remains of the wreck of Pylos by relatives of missing persons

The lawyers of the relatives of the missing persons of the deadly shipwreck in Pylos, Maria Papamina (Greek Council for Refugees), Eleni Spathana (Support for Refugees in the Aegean) and Yannis Kastanos, came to the Prosecutor's Office of Kalamata today and submitted on their behalf a request for the lifting of the ship and the recovery of the bodies from the seabed.

July 6, 2023|
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