LeaveNoOneBehind Best Practice Programm

The LeaveNoOneBehind Best Practice Program offers partners of LeaveNoOneBehind, interested initiatives in the field of migration or anti-fascism as well as interested activists, helpers and human rights defenders a training, skill-sharing and mentoring program.

Rapid Aid Liaison Group

Launched in direct response to the Russian war of aggression, the Rapid Aid Liaison Group provides solutions to medical problems. For example, it provides coordination and logistics, places volunteer medical professionals, and creates digital consultation services. The donation enabled Ukrainian surgeons to stay and train in Heidelberg in order to learn new microsurgical procedures.

Human Aid Now

Human Aid Now provides medical care on the Greek island of Samos. Due to overcrowded camps and lack of services, medical care on the island is inadequate. With a group of 15 to 30 volunteers and translators, Human Aid Now provides basic medical care to over a hundred people daily and refers medical cases to the hospital. Due to the closure rules during the Corona pandemic, additional medical office space was needed. In addition, international volunteers could no longer come to the island, so Human Aid Now had asked a group of volunteers to remain in Greece during the lockdown to maintain operations. Therefore, the Safe Passage Foundation supported Human Aid Now in 2020 with 3427,50€ to cover the costs of medical office space, accommodation and food for the volunteers.

Human Plus

Human Plus is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian aid around the world. In Iran, Human Plus has been funding legal fees, security deposits, medical assistance, safe shelters and support for relatives as part of an emergency relief program since the start of the revolution. In addition, the repression of Kurdish minorities is escalating in some provinces. The images that get through are heartbreaking. Human Plus organizes emergency aid for the purchase of medicine and food in order to not leave the Kurdish people in Iran behind.

Medical Volunteers International

People often suffer severe violence and are exposed to extreme situations during their flight to safety. The question of whether medical care is available can therefore often make the difference between life and death. Many of the people seeking protection who cross the Mediterranean in rubber boats arrive on Lesvos with terrible traumas and health problems. Medical Volunteers International treats up to 1000 people per month in Greece with basic medical care, psychological support, health promotion courses and much more.

SOS Balkanroute

For years, the situation of people fleeing across the so-called Balkan route has been getting worse and worse. Closed borders, illegal and violent pushbacks, as well as completely inadequate conditions in the Bosnian camps deprive the protection seekers of their rights and often put them in life-threatening situations. SOS Balkanroute is committed to helping people who have almost completely disappeared from the news and has been organizing collection drives and donation transports along the Balkan route since 2019. They also provide medical care and have built up a network of helpers along the Balkan route.

Earth Medicine Physical Rehabilitation

Fleeing is traumatic, both psychologically and physically. To support refugees, survivors of torture and war in their healing process, a group of activists and therapists founded EMPR. The organization offers physiotherapy, acupuncture, and rehabilitation programs to people in the camp on Lesvos. One example is a program to improve chronic injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder through the use of acupuncture, physiotherapy, therapeutic massage and herbal remedies. Through their work, EMPR has also created jobs for refugees who work, for example, as interpreters. The activists regularly go to the camp to care for people with physical disabilities.

Healthbridge Medical Organization

Healthbridge Medical has spent the last year filling gaps in care on the ground in Lesvos - whether it's providing medical care during emergency shifts, offering medical translation services at multiple locations, or managing complex medical cases. Healthbridge Medical has tried to find ways how to complement the work of other NGOs that also provide medical care. With over two dozen refugees working on their team, it gives them a unique perspective on the needs of people on the move. Rather than telling refugees what they need to do to feel better, they do their best to connect them to the very resources that make things better. This may include connecting them to existing resources or meeting medical needs that are otherwise unavailable, such as MRIs, CT scans, and complex blood tests. As the situation changes and new barriers arise, they want to continue to try to make this part of the journey as humane as possible.

Kitrinos Healthcare

Kitrinos Healthcare is a medical NGO that has provided care for people fleeing the burned-down Moria camp on Lesvos. Kitrinos has been working in Greece since 2015, and has had a clinic in Moria since 2018, where especially patients with chronic diseases are cared for. In addition, Kitrinos is responsible for providing medical care to a large group of mothers and children at UNICEF Tapuat School, which has been converted into an emergency shelter since the fire. The organization lost much of its equipment and supplies in the Moria fire, though the medical needs of many refugees have grown. Kintrinos also purchased the washers and dryers, which are now being operated at the LNOB Community Center and are part of the anti-itch mite program for the camp in Lesvos.

Ukraine Aid Berlin

A group of Ukrainians and supporters of Ukraine in Berlin thought about how they could support Ukraine in 2014, years before the escalation to a large-scale war of aggression, and has been active in solidarity ever since. Ukraine Aid Berlin provides medical and humanitarian aid to people in need, war victims and their families. Through good local contacts with medical and nursing institutions, they can check donations in kind and forward them to trusted clinics and field hospitals.

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