Parea Center Lesvos

Since the burning of Camp Moria, the Greek island of Lesbos has all but disappeared from public view. But still more than a thousand refugees are trapped on the island - and are held in prison-like conditions for months and years. Europe Cares consists of a permanent staff as well as volunteers from the camp who run the Paréa Center. Refugees receive hot meals there daily and can take advantage of various free assistance services offered by our partner organizations, such as legal advice, language courses, clothing and psychological counseling. Paréa Lesvos provides an important retreat for the refugees and hosts 10 other aid organizations. The center is located in the immediate vicinity of the camp on Lesvos and is visited daily by 200 to 400 camp residents.

No Nation Truck

The activists of the No Nation Truck collective came together in 2019 to counter the racist policy of deterrence at the external borders of the EU with solidarity. The goal of the helpers is to support people seeking protection in a direct and unbureaucratic way as sustainably and effectively as possible. Through the mobility of the extended lorry of No Nation Truck, the collective can act flexibly, provide medical assistance, food distribution, power supply, and documentation of border violence. The expanded truck also houses a kitchen, a first aid area, and a power system that can charge several dozen mobile devices.


Education, exercise and a sense of belonging are essential for the healthy development of young people. Unfortunately, especially girls with a history of flight and immigration and from disadvantaged families often find it difficult to access support programs, not least because of cultural and financial hurdles. This is where the human rights activists of HÁ step in with their SCORING GIRLS* program. SCORING GIRLS* is an empowerment project for girls between the ages of 9 and 18, which the former Bundesliga player, Tuğba Tekkal, launched in Cologne in 2016. Over 900 girls from 15 different countries are thus supported through sports training, ethics workshops and cultural excursions.

Aachener Netzwerk

The "Aachener Netzwerk" for humanitarian aid and intercultural peace work was founded in 1993. At the time of the Yugoslavian wars, they brought transports of relief supplies to the civilians in need. Later, projects such as the children's circus Pinocchio served to bring people of different origins closer together. The "Aachener Netzwerk" is a non-profit association for the active and solidary fight against suffering and need - on the one hand through humanitarian aid projects, on the other hand through long-term projects for peace and international understanding.

Infomobile Greece

Infomobile is an anti-racist direct democratic organization with people from different backgrounds that has been active in Greece for more than a decade. They meet people walking in the streets, squares and outside the camps, both on the Aegean islands and on the mainland. They share and exchange information in non-hierarchical meetings and create resources that are freely shared. Also they support individuals with legal advice and, in emergencies, legal aid to fight against discriminatory and dysfunctional procedures and repressive laws that put people behind bars, hinder access to international protection and shelter, expose children to dangers that keep families and regular residents apart with no prospects for the future. The focus of their work is to support the struggle of those who come to Greece for their right to stay and legal ways out of Greece, such as family reunifications.

Azadi Project

The Azadi Project, is a program that offers self-help based on therapy, coaching techniques and strategies through weekly group sessions with skilled staff. In this setting, women are free to share stories, fears, anxieties, or conflicts with other participants or simply listen to the other participants. These sessions aim not only to alleviate the emotional and psychosocial stress that many refugee women suffer from, but also to actively build and promote self-esteem among the women.

No Name Kitchen

The independent movement No Name Kitchen was founded in 2017 by volunteers and people on the move and supporting people in search of a better life along the Balkan and Mediterranean routes. Since day one, the activists have placed great emphasis on ensuring that all actions are based on the needs, suggestions and feedback of the people on the move. Volunteer teams are stationed at border crossings where people fleeing face long journeys and violent rejections. There, they are trying to combine humanitarian and political measures to equip people with resources for self-protection. No Name Kitchen provides access to medical care, food, and clothing while denouncing border abuses to raise awareness and advocate for policy change.

Northern Lights Aid

Northern Lights Aid (NLA) is a small NGO that supports the residents of the Perigiali refugee camp in Kavala, Greece. By distributing food, clothing, hygiene items, and other materials, NLA seeks to provide the basic necessities of life for the people affected. Located within walking distance of the camp, Northern Lights Aid provides a safe environment to learn, create and socialize through English classes, a skill-sharing workshop, a community garden and a free clothing store. NLA works closely with locals and camp residents to promote social inclusion and solidarity within the community. The recently expanded emergency assistance program supports particularly vulnerable families with food, medicine and transportation to ensure the asylum process runs smoothly.

Yoga and Sport For Refugees

Yoga and Sports For Refugees aims to empower refugees through sports, integrating them into the community and improving their physical and mental health. The sports offered, which range from swimming courses to martial arts and yoga, are largely carried out and instructed by the refugees themselves. When people live in a camp, sometimes for years, this can have a catastrophic effect on their mental and physical health. Sports activities, ranging from swimming courses to martial arts and yoga, can play a decisive role in counteracting it. The sports activities of Yoga and Sports for Refugees additionally break down ethnic and religious barriers and create a meeting point and cooperation between cultures.

Community Volunteers

We have been working with the people from the camp for over a year and include them in our daily work at the LNOB Warehouse and Community Center. In this way, we give the refugees a space to develop and to escape the daily life of the camp for a while. Additionally, we offer educational programs, such as English classes three times a week.

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