LeaveNoOneBehind Best Practice Programm

The LeaveNoOneBehind Best Practice Program offers partners of LeaveNoOneBehind, interested initiatives in the field of migration or anti-fascism as well as interested activists, helpers and human rights defenders a training, skill-sharing and mentoring program.

No Nation Truck

The activists of the No Nation Truck collective came together in 2019 to counter the racist policy of deterrence at the external borders of the EU with solidarity. The goal of the helpers is to support people seeking protection in a direct and unbureaucratic way as sustainably and effectively as possible. Through the mobility of the extended lorry of No Nation Truck, the collective can act flexibly, provide medical assistance, food distribution, power supply, and documentation of border violence. The expanded truck also houses a kitchen, a first aid area, and a power system that can charge several dozen mobile devices.


Vitsche is an association of young Ukrainians in Germany. Vitsche organizes protests, cultural and educational events, helps refugees and organizes humanitarian aid for Ukraine. By providing funding, it was possible, for example, to realize a joint peace march with the Syrian community.


In order to intervene in cases of short-term humanitarian disasters, such as the winter in Ukraine, the activists of the Helpbus provide fast and unbureaucratic care. The Helpbus provides support in crisis hotspots where mobile assistance is needed. The Helpbus is closely networked with local activists and can be on site within a few days. This means that donations in kind as well as medical care for about 150 people a day can be provided and evacuations can be carried out.


STELP e.V. is a non-profit organization from Stuttgart and supports in crisis areas with a network of volunteers, partners and sponsors through fast and direct access to food, sanitary products, clothing and clean water. With projects on three continents, STELP's long-term goal is to sustainably improve the lives of people in need by helping them to help themselves. For LeaveNoOneBehind, STELP e.V. provided rapid emergency aid in Camp Lipa after a fire broke out there. On site, they provided people with necessities including sleeping bags, blankets, cooking pots and food packages. At the same time, STELP has increased capacity for teaching on the ground in Lesvos in cooperation with the School of Peace and delivered more than 500 tons of relief supplies to Ukraine and the embattled areas. Donations and funding is used to finance further aid transports and to purchase urgently needed relief supplies. Besides, STELP is working specifically on the immediate evacuation of people from Ukraine, which is directly funded by the grant.

Aachener Netzwerk

The "Aachener Netzwerk" for humanitarian aid and intercultural peace work was founded in 1993. At the time of the Yugoslavian wars, they brought transports of relief supplies to the civilians in need. Later, projects such as the children's circus Pinocchio served to bring people of different origins closer together. The "Aachener Netzwerk" is a non-profit association for the active and solidary fight against suffering and need - on the one hand through humanitarian aid projects, on the other hand through long-term projects for peace and international understanding.

Human Plus

Human Plus is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian aid around the world. In Iran, Human Plus has been funding legal fees, security deposits, medical assistance, safe shelters and support for relatives as part of an emergency relief program since the start of the revolution. In addition, the repression of Kurdish minorities is escalating in some provinces. The images that get through are heartbreaking. Human Plus organizes emergency aid for the purchase of medicine and food in order to not leave the Kurdish people in Iran behind.


Blindspots helps wherever people are forgotten by the media, politics and the public. They bring the "invisible spots" of Europe into the focus of social discourse and strengthen existing aid structures. On the Bosnian-Croatian border, in the Velika Kladuša region, refugees are stuck in patched-up improvised shelters, where they are exposed and unprotected from the wind and weather. This means life-threatening cold in winter, with temperatures as low as -20 degrees. In addition, they are often robbed, beaten up and illegally pushed back by border officials. Blindspots therefore organizes stoves and firewood for the people. They build doors, windows and solar panels on the provisional huts and provide access to drinking water and hygiene facilities. They also document the inhumane and illegal violence at the borders to raise public awareness. Their work is more important now than ever in winter and can save many people from dying of cold.

Civilian Crisis Unit Network

The Civilian Crisis Unit Network is an association of more than 30 NGOs from all over Germany. The people behind these NGOs are currently transporting over 150 pallets full of furnishings to set up a children's rehab in Ukraine to support children who have been through the worst. This is just one of many examples of the work being done by the Civilian Crisis Unit Network. The initiative brings together food, medical supplies, blankets and many other urgently needed relief items in warehouses and ships them to Ukraine in close cooperation with Ukrainian organizations.


The activists behind the organization Libereco have been involved in Ukraine since the beginning of the war in 2014 and since February have been particularly committed to helping families, the elderly and people with disabilities. Since there is a lack of medical care and nursing facilities in large parts of the country, the organization has set itself the goal of renovating old people's and nursing homes and setting up assisted living together with local partner organizations. At the same time, Libereco is working on evacuations. In September, Libereco volunteers evacuated a family from one of the frontline regions in Ukraine. A few days later, the family's home was completely destroyed by a missile. It is often hours that make the difference between life and death.

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