Iran Journal

Reporting on the Iranian revolution and the regime's deadly violence has never been more difficult - or more important. Every day, it becomes more difficult to get reliable information. Iran Journal has been reporting on events in Iran since 2010, especially on human rights, gender issues, political and personal freedoms and plays an important role in the classification of events today. The aim is to give the readership and decision-makers in the German-speaking world a transparent view and insight into civil society developments in Iran, so that they can gain a holistic view for their opinion-forming process and integrate these impressions into their work. Iran Journal is thus the only independent medium in the German-speaking world with regular coverage of events in the Islamic Republic.


As a transnational network that exists in times of increasing polarization and the increasing divergence of the media, N-Ost is breaking new ground in foreign journalism. As journalists in Ukraine are in great danger, N-Ost provides equipment necessary for survival, tries to provide psychological care and to support them in the field as well as in exile in their increasingly challenging work.

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