Kabul Luftbrücke

The Kabul Luftbrücke Initiative works to evacuate vulnerable people from Afghanistan. Donations are used to organize charter flights, land evacuations and the reception of people in Germany. In the first year since the Taliban took power, we were able to help 2713 people leave Afghanistan safely and legally.

Visions for Children

The situation in Afghanistan has been disastrous since the Taliban seized power. One of the groups suffering the most are girls: about half of the Afghan schoolgirls have been denied school attendance for more than a year. Visions for Children has found a way to support Afghan schoolgirls despite this. A new school construction project will reach about 1,000 students in a region of the country where girls of all grades can still go to school. In order to provide them with high-quality education, the construction of new classrooms is urgently needed, as they are currently taught in the hallway or in tents.

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