Abandoned in the desert- without food or drink: Tunisia’s treatment of refugees

July 6, 2023

Tunesia Refugees in the Desert

In the port city of Sfax in Tunisia, refugees are pursued, attacked, arrested and abandoned in the desert by the Tunisian National Guard and citizens (incited by the Tunisian government). Without water, without food. Men, women, children, pregnant women.

This is only the tip of the violence against refugees in Tunisia: For years, President Saied has been agitating against people from sub-Saharan Africa and systematically disenfranchising them.

But instead of condemning the violence against refugees, Europe is looking for closer cooperation with Tunisia. Currently, a deal is being worked out through which the country is to receive 900 million euros, about 100 million of which for border management. The goal: to outsource the European external borders and shift responsibility for refugees to third countries.

This is also part of the inhumane & racist EU migration and asylum policy: By making deals with autocrats like Saied, the EU makes Tunisia the gatekeeper of Europe – human rights violations, persecution, violence and death are accepted.

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