Medical aid in Gaza

Our partner organization CADUS is the first German aid organization to gain access to the Gaza Strip. The teams of medical personnel and logistics support want to stay on site as long as possible to help as many injured people as possible. They need your support for this.

The aim is also to provide rapid and effective medical transportation of injured people  from the north of the Gaza Strip to medical facilities for treatment. It also supports international evacuations at the request of the WHO and emergency rooms in hospitals. Cadus is also working with the WHO’s Emergency Medical Team structure.

Why is this important?

The need for medical care and patient transportation in the Gaza Strip is extremely high due to the high number of injured. The population in the Gaza Strip also has hardly any access to adequate healthcare facilities, which is constantly exacerbated by the destruction of infrastructure and limited resources. 

The CADUS missions not only save lives, but also relieve the burden on local health resources in Gaza province, which are currently massively overstretched.

Together with CADUS, we clearly state that the political struggle for peace is important because the suffering caused by the conflict is immeasurable. But we cannot wait until there is peace. We have to help now.

That’s why we need you!

Your donation is used efficiently

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