Why is a state of emergency not declared when boats sink?

April 19, 2023

Italy declared a state of emergency last week because of a recent increase in refugee arrivals. A fascist government that can now implement faster procedures and measures and override existing regulations – to fear. Among other things, it will now be easier to implement plans for more deportation centers – the main thing is to get rid of them.

At the same time, more refugees drowned on their way across the Mediterranean in the first three months of this year than at any time in the last six years: at least 441 people.

10M Director António Vitorino cited “delays and gaps” in European search and rescue missions, as well as obstructions to NGO rescue vessels, as reasons for the rise in deaths. Sounds familiar? Exactly, since Meloni’s inauguration Italy has been busy to restrict the work of NGO rescue ships by law.

“The humanitarian catastrophe taking place in the Mediterranean is unbearable,” Vitorino said.
This catastrophe is the real state of emergency.

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