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FH is a Berlin network for refugees with a focus on integration assistance. Founded by volunteers from a Berlin emergency shelter, it provides non-partisan and non-denominational help wherever help is urgently needed. In response to the war in Ukraine, FH has reactivated the "Volunteer Planner", which was already used in 2015 to successfully coordinate ... [Read more]



As a transnational network that exists in times of increasing polarization and the slow drifting apart of the media, N-East is breaking new ground in foreign journalism. Journalists in Ukraine are in great danger. N-East provides essential equipment for their survival, tries to provide psychological care and to support them in their difficult work ... [Read more]



Alliance4Ukraine is a coordinating alliance of civil society organizations, foundations, government institutions, and businesses. The goal of the alliance is to create an ecosystem of interlocking solutions for the needs of people on the run. The supporting organizations from the Alliance4Ukraine want to strengthen existing - primarily civil society - structures in Germany that ... [Read more]

Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin


The association Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin is engaged in medical and humanitarian aid in Ukraine. In doing so, they focus on concrete support for people in need, war victims and their relatives, and provide direct assistance to medical and nursing facilities in Ukraine. For example, donations in kind from various organizations are forwarded to vetted trusted ... [Read more]



STELP has already delivered more than 500 tons of relief supplies to Ukraine and the embattled areas. The funding will be used to finance further aid transports and to purchase urgently needed relief supplies. In addition, STELP is working specifically on the immediate evacuation of people from Ukraine, which is directly funded by the ... [Read more]



PxP focuses on the particular challenges of African students who have fled Ukraine and are confronted with massive unequal treatment both on the run and in the destination country. The aim of the funding is to build a strong network between students, universities, business and politics. The funding of the project will finance legal ... [Read more]

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