The forgotten Green Border

Can you imagine what -15 degrees feels like at night in the forest without a sleeping bag on frozen ground between branches, moss and swamps? Akram (32, from Yemen) and Mohammad (50, from Syria) were stuck in the border forest between Poland and Belarus for over 5 months. They often had no clean drinking water for days on end and filtered the polluted water from the swamps through a scarf.

A Crisis Becomes a Permanent Condition – What Happens in Europe’s Last Primeval Forest in the Polish-Belarusian Border Area?

Since last year, another wall has been stretching across Europe: Poland has erected a 186-kilometer-long border wall with Belarus. Here, people seeking protection are pushed back, their mobile phones destroyed and they are left unprotected and disoriented in the forest. We'll talk to a photojournalist, an activist and researcher, and a paramedic on the ground to answer your questions! - Register now for our online event on October 8, 2023 at 5pm.

Shipwreck Greece: 500 dead due to pushback attempt?

Did the Greek Coast Guard try to pull the boat out of Greek waters before it capsized? Journalists are not allowed to enter the hall where the survivors of Wednesday's shipwreck are located. But deputies were able to talk to them. According to former MEP Kriton Arsenis, they told that the Greek Coast Guard towed the overcrowded fishing boat before it capsized.

Boat tragedy in Greece off Pylos: hundreds of people missing

A boat with 750 asylum seekers on board capsized just outside Pylos, Greece. The ship was sailing from Libya towards Italy. So far, only about 100 people have been rescued, hundreds are still missing - it could be one of the deadliest shipping accidents ever. Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and survivors.

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