After pushback video from Greece – charges against NGO instead of kidnappers

July 4, 2023

Pushback Kos

An NGO as an enemy of the state

14 people held in a van with their hands tied and eyes taped shut on the island of Kos, Greece, only to be push-baked.

This was shown in the video published by Aegean Boat Report last week.

The mayor of Kos Island now showed a reaction to the video – but instead of consequences for the criminals, there should be consequences for Aegean Boat Report.

The mayor announced that he would report the NGO for defamation. Reason: If the video were real, the refugees would have sued the authorities.
Since this did not happen, it must be a forgery. How he imagines that beaten, tied up.
and presumably illegally pushed people should file charges here, he does not explain.

The incident joins a Greek policy of deterrence in which illegal and often life-threatening pushbacks have been a feature for years and in which democratic foundations such as freedom of the press and the rule of law are increasingly being undermined.

The crimes against refugees are accompanied by the restriction & criminalization of lawyers, activists, humanitarian workers & journalists.

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