Shipwreck Greece: 500 dead due to pushback attempt?

Did the Greek Coast Guard try to pull the boat out of Greek waters before it capsized? Journalists are not allowed to enter the hall where the survivors of Wednesday's shipwreck are located. But deputies were able to talk to them. According to former MEP Kriton Arsenis, they told that the Greek Coast Guard towed the overcrowded fishing boat before it capsized.

Boat tragedy in Greece off Pylos: hundreds of people missing

A boat with 750 asylum seekers on board capsized just outside Pylos, Greece. The ship was sailing from Libya towards Italy. So far, only about 100 people have been rescued, hundreds are still missing - it could be one of the deadliest shipping accidents ever. Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and survivors.

940 people disappeared on Lesbos

940 people who arrived on Lesvos within the last year are untraceable. What exactly happened to them is unclear. But for years, reports of masked men illegally abducting people and abandoning them at sea have been mounting.

Greece bans access to food and water for 571 people on the move

On Thursday 18/05/2023, the Greek Ministry of Migration decided to restrict access to food for people living in the "Mavrovouni" camp. Since Friday, 19/05/2023, only people with an ongoing asylum procedure have been granted access to food and water. 571 people are now being prevented from having the right to access food and water.

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